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Enhance your bathroom with our Walk-In Bathtub with Shower, combining comfort, safety, and style.

This accessible, luxurious fixture suits any modern home, offering a seamless and relaxing bathing or showering experience. Elevate your space with this elegant and convenient upgrade.


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Why Choose Puget Sound B&R for Your Walk-In Bathtub Installation in Seattle?

A walk-in bathtub is designed for safety, convenience, and comfort, making it an ideal choice for the elderly, individuals with mobility issues, and those seeking a luxurious, spa-like experience in their own homes.

Its key features include a door for easy entry and exit, non-slip flooring, and comfortable seating, which together create a safe and relaxing bathing experience. This solution has grown in popularity not only for its practicality but also for the independence it offers to its users.

Puget Sound B&R is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and craftsmanship. Our expertise in the installation of walk-in bathtubs ensures that every project meets the needs and preferences of our clients, contributing to a safer and more comfortable living environment. We invite you to contact us to discover how we can transform your bathroom into a haven of relaxation and safety.

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The Impact of a Jacuzzi Bath Remodel on Home Value Puget sound

Maximizing Accessibility in Small Bathrooms: Insights from Puget Sound B&R

Puget Sound B&R, with its rich experience in bathroom renovations and construction, offers valuable insights on maximizing accessibility in small bathrooms. 

  1. Selecting fixtures that serve multiple purposes can save space and improve accessibility. For instance, a walk-in bathtub with an integrated shower combines two essential functions in one, minimizing the need for separate installations. This approach not only saves space but also simplifies the bathing experience for users with limited mobility.
  2. Wall-mounted toilets and sinks can be adjusted to the perfect height for accessibility while also freeing up floor space. This is particularly beneficial in small bathrooms, where every inch counts. The added floor space makes it easier for users with mobility aids to navigate the area safely.
  3. Ensuring that doors and walkways are wide enough for comfortable access is crucial in small bathrooms. Sliding doors or pocket doors can be excellent alternatives to traditional swinging doors, as they require less space to operate. Additionally, arranging fixtures to maximize open floor area can enhance the overall accessibility of the space.

How Much Does a Walk-In Bathtub with Shower Cost in Seattle?

The price range for a walk-in bathtub with shower in Seattle typically falls between $5,000 and $15,000.

  • Basic Models $5,000 - $7,000

    Includes standard safety features like grab bars, anti-slip floors, and a basic shower setup.

  • Mid-Range Options $7,000 - $10,000

    Offers additional comforts such as hydrotherapy jets, heated seating, and premium materials.

  • High-End Models $10,000 - $15,000+

    Features the latest technology and design, including digital controls, customizable therapy options, and superior aesthetics (installation costs not included).

Flooring Options for Your Walk-In Bathtub and Shower Remodel in Seattle

In Seattle, where moisture and slip resistance are key considerations due to the climate, choosing suitable flooring material is essential for safety and satisfaction with the final result of your remodel.

Options such as textured porcelain or ceramic tiles offer excellent water resistance and durability, making them ideal for wet areas.

Vinyl flooring, available in various designs and textures, provides a warmer, softer surface underfoot, which is a practical choice for comfort and slip resistance.

Another option is stone tiles, like slate or marble, which add natural beauty and luxury to the bathroom while still offering the required durability and slip resistance when treated with a non-slip sealant.  

Why Jacuzzi Baths Are a Trending Choice in Seattle Bathroom Remodels Puget sound



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Great work done replacing my kitchen Thank you Matthew!
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Rachel Bosancu
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GREAT Service, took the time to find and evaluate issue as well as inform of possible solutions and services...not pushy at all. Timely communication and EXCEPTIONAL services!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
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I highly recommend Puget Sound builders and renovation. The team was punctual and their professionalism was matched by the quality of their work. My kitchen now looks fantastic, and the entire process was a pleasure thanks to their friendly approach.
ADC Seattle
ADC Seattle
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After meeting with Matt about replacing our old deck, he promptly measured it, gave us a bid, created a timeline and started work. His crew was focused, hard working and knowledgeable. When we wanted to modify the project, he listened and did it well. We are so impressed by the high quality of workmanship and love our new deck!
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Gary Zats
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We're very happy with the bath renovation Puget sound builders did for us. Matt provided a detailed quote with fair pricing and a surprisingly fast timeline, and everything was completed as scheduled. showed a great attention to detail, plus a willing to patiently answer all of our questions.
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Puget sound builders and renovations did a remodel in my house and my experience was great, Matt and his team were great in communication, price, professional, cleanliness and very friendly, I recommend them without hesitation
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Maor Klein
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Matt and his team were very cordial and we’re a delight to work with. They were very quick to respond, he worked with us on providing the right guys that were within our budget, suggested things to us that we didn’t have expertise in and weren’t looking at, and you could always text him and his guys any time post projects. Great professional guys and I don’t think we’d go through anyone else with the resources Matt has through his team,. Highly recommend them

Exploring the Latest Walk-In Bathtub and Shower Trends in Seattle

In recent years, the demand for walk-in bathtubs with shower options has surged in Seattle, reflecting a broader trend towards more accessible and luxurious bathroom designs. 

PugetSoundBNR A modern bathroom showcasing a walk-in bathtub with an integrated shower unit, highlighting the dual functionality

Walk-In Bathtub with Shower Combination

Offers the safety of a walk-in bathtub and the versatility of a shower, catering to diverse needs with seamless functionality and design for bathing or showering.

PugetSoundBNR An image of a modern bathroom featuring a walk-in bathtub with an integrated shower unit, highlighting the dual functionality

Hydrotherapy Walk-In Bathtubs

Features therapeutic jets targeting specific body areas for pain relief and muscle relaxation, providing a spa-like, wellness-focused experience.

PugetSoundBNR A modern bathroom showcasing a walk-in bathtub with an integrated shower unit, highlighting the dual functionality

Customizable Walk-In Bathtubs and Showers

Available in various sizes, colors, and styles, allowing personalization to match bathroom decor and meet individual preferences, ensuring a unique installation for each user.

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Navigating the Walk-In Bathtub Installation Process

The process of installing a walk-in bathtub involves careful planning and execution to ensure a successful outcome.  

The first step is a detailed consultation with a professional installer, during which your bathroom’s dimensions are measured, and your specific needs are discussed. This stage helps in selecting the right walk-in bathtub model that fits your space and meets your requirements.

Once the right model has been chosen, the next step involves preparing the site for installation. This might include the removal of your old bathtub or shower unit. Ensuring that the area is correctly prepped is crucial for a smooth installation process, including any necessary adjustments to plumbing or electrical connections.

The final step is the installation of the new walk-in bathtub, followed by the connection of plumbing and electrical components. After the tub is securely in place and all systems are operational, finishing touches are added. This could involve sealing the unit, installing any additional fixtures, and conducting a thorough cleanup of the site. A final inspection ensures that the installation meets all safety and quality standards, providing the homeowner with peace of mind and a new level of accessibility and comfort in their bathroom.

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Cost Analysis: Investing in a Walk-In Bathtub with Shower

When budgeting for a walk-in bathtub with shower, it’s crucial to consider various cost components to avoid unexpected expenses. The initial purchase price of the unit is just the starting point.

Installation costs can vary widely depending on the complexity of the project, including the need for plumbing or electrical updates, and any structural modifications to accommodate the new fixture.

It’s also wise to factor in the cost of additional features or upgrades, such as hydrotherapy jets, heated seats, or custom finishes, which can significantly impact the overall price.

Waterproofing and the potential need for new flooring or tiles to match the installation area should not be overlooked. Additionally, explore financing options or rebates that may be available for accessibility improvements. 

Top Tile Choices for Your Seattle Walk-In Bathtub and Shower

When selecting tiles for your Seattle walk-in bathtub and shower, it’s essential to choose materials that combine safety, durability, and style.  

  1. Known for their strength and water resistance, porcelain tiles are an ideal choice for wet areas. They come in a variety of colors and textures, including non-slip options.
  2. Similar to porcelain but more cost-effective, ceramic tiles offer a wide range of designs. Ensure you choose a slip-resistant finish for safety.
  3. Natural stone tiles, such as slate, marble, or granite, bring elegance and durability. They require sealing to maintain water resistance and slip resistance.
  4. Glass tiles add a luminous quality and can make small spaces appear larger. They should be used on walls or as accent pieces rather than flooring to ensure safety.
  5. Small mosaic tiles are not only visually appealing but also provide more grout lines, which can offer better slip resistance.
  6. Vinyl provides a warmer, softer surface underfoot and comes in various designs, including ones that mimic natural stone or wood.


For those looking for a bold and unconventional option, metallic tiles could be an intriguing choice. Metallic tiles can add a modern, industrial edge to your bathroom and create a unique visual appeal.

They are typically used as accent pieces or on shower walls to complement more traditional tile choices on the floor. Choosing metallic tiles can make a strong design statement and set your bathroom apart, reflecting a distinctive, avant-garde style preference

Q&A: Everything You Need to Know About Walk-In Bathtub with Shower Installations

The installation time for a walk-in bathtub with shower can vary based on several factors, including the complexity of the installation and whether any additional bathroom modifications are needed. Generally, the process can take anywhere from one to three days. The first day is often dedicated to removing the existing bathtub or shower and preparing the space, including any necessary plumbing or electrical adjustments. The installation of the new walk-in bathtub and the final touches usually occur on the second and potentially the third day, depending on the project’s specifics.

Many walk-in bathtubs with shower options are designed with energy efficiency in mind. Features such as insulated tubs can help maintain water temperature longer, reducing the need for additional hot water. Models equipped with efficient water jets and LED lighting also contribute to lower energy consumption.  

Yes, walk-in bathtubs offer customizable options, including the direction in which the door opens. This flexibility allows for accommodation of various bathroom layouts and user preferences, ensuring the door does not obstruct movement within the bathroom.  

Maintaining a walk-in bathtub with shower involves regular cleaning to prevent mold and mildew build-up, especially around seals and door edges where moisture can accumulate. Use non-abrasive cleaners to protect the surfaces and fixtures. It’s also important to check and clean the drain and jets periodically to ensure they remain free from debris.  

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