Green Lake Contemporary Bathroom Overhaul

Luxurious contemporary bathroom in Green Lake, Seattle, featuring a rainfall shower, sculptural tub, heated marble floors, and smart technology, exemplifying Puget Sound Builders & Renovation's commitment to modern and sustainable design.

Project description:

Step into the “Green Lake Contemporary Bathroom Overhaul” by Puget Sound Builders & Renovation, redefining bathroom design in Seattle, WA. This space is transformed into a sleek, eco-friendly sanctuary, featuring a rainfall shower, a freestanding tub with garden views, and heated marble floors. The integration of smart mirrors and water-saving fixtures demonstrates our commitment to blending aesthetic appeal with functionality and sustainability. This bathroom is not just a room but a modern retreat crafted to enhance relaxation and well-being.

Style Preference:

The client wanted a bathroom that not only serves as a functional space but also as a personal retreat. Puget Sound Builders & Renovation incorporated features like the sculptural tub and heated floors to emphasize luxury and comfort. The use of smart technology and eco-friendly fixtures reflects the homeowner’s values of sustainability and modern living.

Key features

  • A walk-in rainfall shower with digital temperature controls.
  • A freestanding sculptural tub overlooking a garden view.
  • Heated marble floors for ultimate comfort.
  • Wall-mounted toilets and minimalist fixtures to save space and enhance cleanliness.
  • Smart mirrors that display weather, news, and can control lighting.
  • Eco-friendly water fixtures to reduce consumption without compromising performance.
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