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A shower niche is a built-in compartment in your shower wall, perfect for storing bath essentials. Puget Sound B&R specializes in crafting custom shower niches that blend style and functionality.


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A shower niche is a recessed compartment built into the wall of a shower. It provides a convenient and stylish solution for storing shampoos, soaps, and other bath essentials, helping to keep surfaces clutter-free and items within easy reach.

Puget Sound B&R, a seasoned expert in construction and renovations, takes pride in creating custom shower niches that perfectly align with individual style preferences and functionality needs.

With Puget Sound B&R, you are not just renovating, you are enhancing your entire shower experience. Their team of professionals leverages extensive experience, skills, and deep industry knowledge to ensure each project is executed with precision and superior craftsmanship

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Enhance Your Shower Experience with Puget Sound B&R's Custom Shower Niches

For homeowners looking to elevate their bathroom’s functionality and appeal, Puget Sound B&R offers comprehensive solutions that cater to a wide range of design tastes and practical requirements.

From selecting the right materials to choosing the ideal placement and size, their experts guide you through each step of the process. To discover how a customized shower niche can transform your bathroom, contact Puget Sound B&R today.

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PugetSoundBNR Choosing the Perfect Shower Niche for Your Bathroom Renovation

Choosing the Perfect Shower Niche for Your Bathroom Renovation

When planning a bathroom renovation, selecting the right bathroom niche can be a game-changer in both functionality and style.

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 The size of the shower niche should harmonize with your bathroom’s overall dimensions. A properly sized niche prevents overcrowding of products while ensuring everything you need is accessible. This balance of scale and function makes the niche an integral part of the bathroom, optimizing space without compromising on design.

Choosing the right materials for your shower niche not only dictates its longevity but also its integration into the bathroom’s aesthetic. Materials like porcelain or glass are not only durable but also resist moisture and mold, maintaining their appeal over time. This choice enhances the overall hygiene and maintenance ease of your bathroom.

The location of your shower niche affects its usability and aesthetic impact. Placing it at eye level and within easy reach optimizes convenience while using the niche to break visual monotony. This strategic placement ensures the niche serves its purpose effectively and adds a touch of design sophistication.



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Gal T
Gal T
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Great work done replacing my kitchen Thank you Matthew!
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Rachel Bosancu
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GREAT Service, took the time to find and evaluate issue as well as inform of possible solutions and services...not pushy at all. Timely communication and EXCEPTIONAL services!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
Tina fahim
Tina fahim
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I highly recommend Puget Sound builders and renovation. The team was punctual and their professionalism was matched by the quality of their work. My kitchen now looks fantastic, and the entire process was a pleasure thanks to their friendly approach.
ADC Seattle
ADC Seattle
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After meeting with Matt about replacing our old deck, he promptly measured it, gave us a bid, created a timeline and started work. His crew was focused, hard working and knowledgeable. When we wanted to modify the project, he listened and did it well. We are so impressed by the high quality of workmanship and love our new deck!
Gary Zats
Gary Zats
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We're very happy with the bath renovation Puget sound builders did for us. Matt provided a detailed quote with fair pricing and a surprisingly fast timeline, and everything was completed as scheduled. showed a great attention to detail, plus a willing to patiently answer all of our questions.
Dor Ben Haim
Dor Ben Haim
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Puget sound builders and renovations did a remodel in my house and my experience was great, Matt and his team were great in communication, price, professional, cleanliness and very friendly, I recommend them without hesitation
Maor Klein
Maor Klein
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Matt and his team were very cordial and we’re a delight to work with. They were very quick to respond, he worked with us on providing the right guys that were within our budget, suggested things to us that we didn’t have expertise in and weren’t looking at, and you could always text him and his guys any time post projects. Great professional guys and I don’t think we’d go through anyone else with the resources Matt has through his team,. Highly recommend them

The Art of Installing a Shower Niche: Tips from Puget Sound B&R Experts

Installing a shower niche involves more than just cutting a hole in the wall, it requires thoughtful planning and precise execution. The following tips from Puget Sound B&R experts ensure that your niche not only looks great but functions beautifully.

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  • Niche area is waterproof

    Before any tiles are laid, ensuring that the niche area is completely waterproof is crucial. This prevents water damage and mold growth, extending the lifespan of your shower and maintaining the health of your home environment.

  • Proper framing

    Proper framing of the shower niche provides structural integrity and ensures that it can bear the weight of stored items. This step is vital for safety and durability, preventing any potential damage or misalignment over time.

  • Integrating the niche

    Integrating the niche into your existing tile layout adds to its aesthetic appeal and ensures a seamless look. This consideration avoids awkward cuts and alignments, which can detract from the overall design.

  • Lighting around your shower niche

    Incorporating lighting into or around your shower niche can dramatically enhance its functionality and ambiance. Whether it's for practical visibility or to highlight the niche as a focal point, proper lighting transforms the niche into a standout feature, elevating the entire shower experience.

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PugetSoundBNR Ensuring Waterproofing Best Practices for Shower Niche Installation

Ensuring Waterproofing: Best Practices for Shower Niche Installation

The integrity of a shower niche’s waterproofing can significantly impact the longevity and safety of the entire bathroom structure.

  1. Applying a waterproofing membrane around and behind the niche prevents water penetration that can lead to mold growth and structural damage. This is essential in all bathrooms but particularly important in older homes where additional moisture protection is necessary.
  2. Ensuring that the edges of the niche are properly sealed and align with wall tiles eliminates gaps where water might seep through. This practice is crucial for maintaining the aesthetic and structural integrity of the shower walls. It’s particularly vital in high-use bathrooms or those in humid climates, where the risk of water damage is elevated.
  3. Even after initial installation, maintaining the sealant around the shower niche is key to enduring waterproofing. This routine is important for all bathrooms but is particularly critical in households with high shower usage. Regular checks and updates to the sealant help prevent future water issues, preserving the bathroom’s condition and safety.

Luxury Meets Practicality: Elegant Finishes for Your Shower Niche

Choices like brushed metal, frosted glass, or custom tile patterns can elevate the look of the entire space, making it feel more upscale and personalized. These finishes are not just about aesthetics, they are also highly practical.

Materials like glass and high-quality metals are easy to clean and resistant to the wear and tear of daily use, ensuring that the beauty of the niche lasts as long as its utility. Moreover, an elegantly finished niche can increase the overall value of your home, making it a wise investment for future resale.

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Trending Now: Creative and Practical Shower Niche Ideas

As homeowners seek both aesthetics and functionality in their bathrooms, creative shower niche ideas are becoming a hot trend.  

A multi-level shower shelf insert

A multi-level shower shelf insert provides separated spaces for different items, from tall bottles to smaller toiletries. This design is particularly suitable for families or shared bathrooms where multiple people need access to various products. It helps keep items organized and accessible while offering a neat, clutter-free appearance.

PugetSoundBNR image of a corner niche in a shower, utilizing the often-ignored shower corners

Utilizing the often-ignored shower corners

Utilizing the often-ignored shower corners, a corner niche maximizes space in smaller bathrooms. This idea is ideal for individuals or couples in compact living spaces, such as apartments or studios. It cleverly uses the available area without encroaching on the central shower space, providing a practical storage solution without compromising on movement.

PugetSoundBNR image of a shower niche with integrated lighting

Integrating lighting

Integrating lighting within a shower niche not only makes it easier to find products but also adds a luxurious ambiance to your shower routine. This design is suitable for those who appreciate a touch of luxury and comfort in their bathroom setup. It's especially appealing to users who enjoy late-night or early-morning showers when additional light is needed.

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Innovative Storage Solutions: Multi-Functional Shower Niches

Multi-functional shower niches are at the forefront of modern bathroom design, combining aesthetic appeal with practical storage solutions.

For homes that prioritize flexibility, shower niches with adjustable shelving are ideal. These allow you to modify the space according to your storage needs, accommodating everything from small soap bars to large shampoo bottles. This feature is particularly beneficial for families whose storage needs may change over time, providing a customizable solution that grows with them.

Incorporating built-in dispensers within the niche for soap, shampoo, or conditioner can drastically reduce clutter. This innovation is perfect for minimalist households or modern designs, keeping essentials neatly hidden but easily accessible. Additionally, it simplifies the showering process and enhances the sleek look of the bathroom.

Some advanced shower niches include hidden compartments for storing less frequently used items like spare razors or specialty hair products. This design is suitable for individuals who value a clean, uncluttered space but require more storage than what traditional niches offer. Hidden compartments keep these items out of sight but within reach, optimizing the functionality of the bathroom without compromising on design.

Elevate Your Bathroom Aesthetics with Puget Sound B&R's Elegant Shower Niche Solutions

As a leader in the construction and remodeling industry, Puget Sound B&R specializes in crafting custom shower niches that not only maximize space but also enhance the overall aesthetics of your bathroom.

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of luxury with sleek, modern designs or integrate practical solutions with timeless elegance, their team of experts is ready to assist. Contact today to discuss how they can help you achieve the perfect balance of beauty and functionality in your bathroom renovation.

FAQs about shower niche

A shower niche is a built-in shelf or recess in a shower wall that provides a convenient storage space for bath products like shampoos, soaps, and other essentials. It helps keep the shower area organized and clutter-free.

The placement of a shower niche should be both visually appealing and functionally accessible. Typically, it is best positioned at eye level within easy reach from the showering area. Consideration of sight lines and water spray directions also plays a crucial role in determining the ideal location.

Modern Jacuzzi tubs often come with water-saving features that help conserve water without compromising on the luxury or performance of the bath. Look for models with adjustable water flow and energy-efficient pumps.

Shower niches should be constructed from materials that are waterproof and resistant to mold and mildew. Popular choices include porcelain, ceramic tile, and glass. These materials not only withstand the humid environment of a bathroom but also complement its overall design.

Waterproofing a shower niche involves lining the recess with a waterproof membrane before installing the tiles. It’s essential to ensure that all joints and edges are properly sealed to prevent water leakage and damage to the surrounding structure.

Yes, installing a shower niche can increase your home’s value. It enhances the bathroom’s functionality and aesthetic appeal, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

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