Sammamish Serene Master Bedroom Retreat

Serene master bedroom in Sammamish, WA, featuring a spacious walk-in closet, en-suite spa-like bathroom, large bay windows, and a custom-built fireplace, illustrating a blend of modern luxury and comfort

Project description:

Introducing the “Sammamish Serene Master Bedroom Retreat,” a hallmark of Puget sound Builders & Renovation’s commitment to crafting spaces that embody luxury and tranquility in Sammamish, WA. This master bedroom renovation is not just a transformation; it’s a journey into comfort and elegance, designed to offer the homeowners a sanctuary where they can unwind and rejuvenate. The room’s spa-like en-suite bathroom, custom fireplace, and thoughtful touches like the spacious walk-in closet showcase our dedication to detail and quality. Large bay windows invite natural light and scenic views, enhancing the serene ambiance. Discover more about our approach to creating dream spaces on our About Page.

Style Preference:

The clients desired a bedroom that serves as a peaceful sanctuary, blending modern luxury with timeless comfort. They were particularly keen on having a spacious, organized walk-in closet to enhance their daily routine. Our expert recommended a calming color scheme and the installation of a custom fireplace, enhancing the room’s comfort and providing a focal point that aligns with the homeowners’ taste for refined simplicity.

Key features

  • A spacious walk-in closet with custom shelving.
  • An en-suite bathroom with a spa-like ambiance, featuring a freestanding tub and a rain shower.
  • Large bay windows offering scenic views and natural light.
  • A custom-built fireplace for warmth and ambiance.
  • High-quality, plush carpeting and a neutral color palette for a soothing environment.
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